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Are you an entrepreneur eager to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to new markets? At Yellow Way, we seek visionary partners ready to implement our successful model in diverse regions and countries. We are excited about forming joint ventures that extend our reach into uncharted territories, creating value for new demographics and promoting sustainable business practices worldwide.

By partnering with us, you’re not just embracing a business concept; you’re becoming part of a movement dedicated to sustainability and efficiency in procurement processes. Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming challenges into opportunities and fostering growth that’s both profitable and responsible.

As an entrepreneur at Yellow Way, you not only get the opportunity to realise your own business vision...

…but you will also receive support from our facilitating hub on contract management, sales systems and back-office processes. Our experienced experts are ready to help you negotiate and manage contracts, while our advanced AI systems enable you to operate efficiently.

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Join our brand: Where talent finds its home and dreams take flight!

  • Start-up support with operations, marketing and sales sessions
  • Rapid turnover growth through warm leads and exclusive working area
  • Efficient working with Yellow Way systems
  • No need to spend time on peripheral issues, these can be taken over by Yellow way
  • Monthly consultation with Yellow Way partners with sounding boards and advisors

Opportunities for partnerships

At Yellow Way, we champion entrepreneurship through self-employment and flexibility. Focusing on the European landscape, we identify key industries where individuals can successfully launch their own ventures. With an emphasis on innovation, digitalization, and corporate social responsibility, these sectors provide fertile ground for new businesses to thrive.

Beyond supporting start-ups, Yellow Way also values the potential of existing companies ready for acquisition. These companies not only have a proven track record and established customer base, but also offer direct access to an established network and ongoing revenue. This significantly reduces risk and accelerates growth for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Yellow Way offers comprehensive support and guidance to both start-ups and those acquiring existing businesses. Our ecosystem nurtures entrepreneurship through networking events, mentoring programs, and financial support. We help individuals realise their business ambitions and build sustainable enterprises that drive economic growth and innovation across Europe.

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