Empack 2024: A day full of innovation

Empack 2024_Yellow Way

Funkll participated in Empack’s packaging event, a day full of innovation, inspiration and new insights into the packaging industry. It was an opportunity to learn, network and keep up to date with the latest developments.

The trade show offered a range of opportunities to learn and inspire. The various topics, including the future of packaging, the use of bioplastics and food safety, were followed with great interest. Attending these sessions gave a deeper understanding of where the industry is headed and how to respond to it.

Another interesting aspect was the focus on refurbished machines. The rise of these machines in the industry contributes to circularity and sustainability. It was informative to hear how different companies and experts look at the challenges and opportunities in this area.

In addition, Empack 2024 provided an excellent networking opportunity. Funkll made valuable contacts with other industry professionals, which may lead to future collaborations and new opportunities. Sharing experiences and ideas with colleagues in the industry was not only enriching and stimulating, but will also be of great value when drafting future contracts.

Funkll looks forward to future events and remains committed to innovation and sustainability in the packaging sector.

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